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We do design for interiors. We can help you with a complete make-over for your House or we can decorate your House with the Ideas you give us and the colors you like. Important is also the Budget you want to spend.


Tables from Rosewood with a base from roots of an Olivetree. Very special and Handmade. Different sizes available.


Round Table

5 cm Thick Blade and 1 Massive base from roots of an Olivetree. Polished Blade

Shape 130 cm and height is 90 cm

Price: 8.950,- Tl


Dining Table

Same material as above but then

with 2 bases from Roots of


Length 200 cm; wide 100 cm and height is 90 cm

Price: 11.950,- Tl

Ask for prices by sending us a mail


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